Is an automatic traffic filtering system. Our in-house development and our greatest achievement.

Fraud, Bots, Low Quality - these are things any of us faced in the industry and had problems because of this. To avoid such kind of problems you need a powerful tool which can separate desired traffic and bots, providing best performance for Advertisers and most profit for Publishers.

Here is how it works:

For every visit we have 52 metrics on the basis of which our AI decides to approve traffic or not. Here are some of these metrics:
BASIC - JS, cookie, proxy, iframe, IP/UA mismatches
ADDITIONAL - device, OS, version
DEEP WATER - received data comparsion with the market and existing standards
CONVERSIONS - as without it
SECRET FEATURE - we can’t tell you what is it but you can be sure it exists and it works better than ever

In the end you get the best, pure and
superperforming traffic for your product.

We have been developing and amplifying antifraud for 5 years already.
ANTIFRAUD is our biggest achievement.
ANTIFRAUD is our exceptional advantage on the market.

Try our traffic and you will see the difference!

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